Smiling Jotaro Kujo JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure shirt , hoodie, sweater, long sleeve and tank top

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When I was in college for dietetics a few years ago a graduate from my program worked for one of those companies and came back for a presentation. It was basically a big advertisement. It was interesting but this is newer science and not exactly reliable in a home dna test. Some of it is theory too. As humans we have a surprisingly low base of knowledge when it comes to our own nutrition. We haven’t been seriously studying it for long. Most of the info out there is not scientifically proven and there’s outrageous amounts of misinformation going around. The most annoying example. The myth that eating every 2 hours makes your metabolism faster and helps you lose weight just won’t die. For example when you eat a handful of peanuts you’ll have a small spike in metabolism. When you eat a steak and baked potato you’ll have a much bigger spike in your metabolism. Metabolism also varies between people/activity levels etc. So dividing up your meals into little meals doesn’t increase your metabolism it just gives you the same metabolism broken up into smaller bits throughout the day. It also creates another problem. If you get your metabolism going every two hours you’re also going to be hungry more often and humans aren’t exactly known for our self control when it comes to diet and appetite. Our bodies also get in cycles. So if you get in the habit of eating every two hours then like clockwork no matter what you will feel hungry every two hours. You’re just introducing more opportunities to lose your self control in a day and studies of human psychology show that self control is finite. The more we use it the less we have.

Smiling Jotaro Kujo JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure shirt , hoodie, sweater, long sleeve and tank top

Buy it: Smiling Jotaro Kujo JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure shirt , hoodie, sweater, long sleeve and tank top

Sure some people have the super self control to eat what 6 tiny meals a day but most don’t and can easily end up eating all day cause they feel hungry all the time. Anyways my rant about dietary misinformation out there. If you need help losing weight the best thing to do is see a dietician, someone up to date on the nutrition science. Real science, not the latest misinformation in magazines and even in the news. Of course! For instance, if genetic testing reveals that you belong to the species felis catus, commonly known as a house cat, you will thrive with a large proportion of meat or fish in your diet and few, if any, vegetables. Conversely, if your DNA shows that you are member of the family bovidae, which includes cows and deer, you need lots of vegetation to maintain optimal health. In fact, you are from one of the few groups that can digest cellulose, a major component of grass.

Product detail: This unisex ultra cotton tee is a classic. Quality cotton construction means that designs are sure to shine. The shoulders are tapped for a good upper-body fit. There are no side seams, ensuring a clean, unbroken flow. The collar has ribbed knitting for improved elasticity. The materials that went into this product are sustainably sourced and economically friendly.
– 100% Cotton (fiber content may vary for different colors)
– Medium fabric (6.0 oz/yd² (203 g/m²))
– Classic fit
– Runs bigger than usual
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