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Those are the first lessons I would teach if I were to teach a parenting class. I am old enough to be my child’s grandmother. I almost did not have a child because my parents and grandparents did not learn any of the lessons I have just written. Here is one more lesson humans need to learn, specifically humans in first world countries with access to conception/birth control: If you are not ready to become a parent. Don’t. Too many children’s lives are ruined by adults who didn’t want to have them in the first place thereby perpetuating, purposely, the forms of abuse I have listed above. Other than that, becoming a parent is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs I have ever done, and I have had lots of jobs. Enjoy every moment of it. Each phase is over so quickly, and next thing you know you have a human almost your size running about being all independent and happy and self-directed, and you are all like, “Wow. As scared as I was I’d mess up my little baby, things are going alright, and I actually am looking forward to finding out what it is like to deal with a pre-teen and then a teenager, after all.” I refuse to think any further ahead than that. =) Movies and books always wrongly portray all sexually abused children to be very quiet, always sad, withdrawn and timid. They also turn out to be under performers, have concentration issues.

Top baltimore Orioles Chaos Comin’ 2022 Shirt , hoodie, sweater, long sleeve and tank top

Buy it: Top baltimore Orioles Chaos Comin’ 2022 Shirt , hoodie, sweater, long sleeve and tank top

I was sexually abused on a regular basis, in various violent and innovative forms, till I could stop it finally when I was around 15 years old. It started all even before I went to the primary school. I distinctly remember those days. At school, I was tremendously talkative and over enthusiastic. Not one person could ever imagine what I was going through. I showed no fucking trait of an abused child, except the fact that I was gradually getting cruel at heart, developing a clingy personality towards one of my female friends. I did share this truth with one or two of my very close friends but they were too immatured to help me out and that is natural. Besides sexual abuse, there was verbal and physical abuse as well but I successfully portrayed a very happy life of mine to all my peers. Parents, just because your child is jolly and looks happy does not mean she is happy. May be she is very affected and depressed inside but does not know yet that sexual abuse is NOT a mandatory part of her life. By the time she reacts and knows, she will be a permanently damaged soul. Instead of assuming things, do your part well. Give your child a proper sex education. Get out of your inhibitions and assumptions. My mother always says, “how could you hide these from me? We were so close” Talk to your child. Say where he/she is supposed to be touched and where not. Say her that she is NOT to be blamed, even if she had accepted the abuse in the first place. Say her that it is OKAY not to be able to protest for a long time and it is OKAY if it is the favorite relative.

Product detail: This unisex ultra cotton tee is a classic. Quality cotton construction means that designs are sure to shine. The shoulders are tapped for a good upper-body fit. There are no side seams, ensuring a clean, unbroken flow. The collar has ribbed knitting for improved elasticity. The materials that went into this product are sustainably sourced and economically friendly.
– 100% Cotton (fiber content may vary for different colors)
– Medium fabric (6.0 oz/yd² (203 g/m²))
– Classic fit
– Runs bigger than usual
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