Mike Golic Jr thicc six unisex T shirt , hoodie, sweater, long sleeve and tank top

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It’s not always a mindset. Most often it is also helplessness. Poor communities in many parts of Asia and Africa are also fiercely patriarchal which means women are denied basic human rights. With no control over their bodies, girls as young as 12 or 13 are forced to become mothers. So many of them are married off to men several decades older against their will. This doesn’t happen in affluent societies that are educated and aware. Educated women are richer and have more control over their lives. Chaitaly shukla One important thing nature has eluded poor people is education…modern day education. Poor people either don’t like contraceptives, never heard about it or they simply can’t afford. The worse thing I think poverty did to his permanent staff, is by poisoning their minds, to make them accept and believe the very BS that is disgusting to the rich. No, to answer your question it isn’t wrong to think like that because I do too because I had to cope with adults that foolishly as my narc mom saw we were getting older she decided to get pregnant again at 44 years old since she refused to work and figure being pregnant she can just coast along and perhaps her husband would take charge – which he did not and did whatever he wanted. So she leaned on us girls to pick up the slack which her husband never wanted to work – and we got stuck with his responsibility to support the entire family including that monster of a creep that didn’t even care about his son and neither did my mother care either. Again the chain of neglect came upon her son which he later became a problem due to no discipline and spoiled rotten which he turned out to be like my narcissist mom another narcissist individual. How, I hated living with these rotten people other than my sisters.

Mike Golic Jr thicc six unisex T shirt , hoodie, sweater, long sleeve and tank top

Buy it: Mike Golic Jr thicc six unisex T shirt , hoodie, sweater, long sleeve and tank top

If you can’t provide the basic needs food, shelter, medical and education to a child than it is wrong to go ahead and have a child and selfish if one can’t take care of them. I thought about when I was younger and independent but I started to realized I had to work so who would take care of my child? Certainly, not my family, who would not be there for me despite my helping them out financially. I realized the selfishness of my part to want a child because I wouldn’t be able to be there for all their needs. My final decision was “no way” would I have a child at that time and I would wait to do it right with a husband as a partner to make it work. This is my personal opinion and what I learned about myself when I wanted a child is that I “wanted to be loved” which isn’t wrong but it’s not for the benefit of a child which is more important than oneself.

Product detail: This unisex ultra cotton tee is a classic. Quality cotton construction means that designs are sure to shine. The shoulders are tapped for a good upper-body fit. There are no side seams, ensuring a clean, unbroken flow. The collar has ribbed knitting for improved elasticity. The materials that went into this product are sustainably sourced and economically friendly.
– 100% Cotton (fiber content may vary for different colors)
– Medium fabric (6.0 oz/yd² (203 g/m²))
– Classic fit
– Runs bigger than usual
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